The Copabana Club
Project Outline

First Phase (October/ early November 2001)

Students involved:

75 8th graders + graphist and coordinators Viva Village

a) Brainstorming (oral)

Students are asked to think about what kind of buildings or attractions they would like to have in Viva village using the following structures:

- "2nd conditional" (if I were to build in Viva village, If I were an architect I would build…
- If I were allowed to build I would….. and justification)
- There would be….I would add…

b) Consensus

At the end of the class, the class comes to a consensus on what buildings will be adopted and splits into groups according to their interests (café, restaurant, music room, park, sports)so as to decide what they will look like and what will be discussed inside.

b) Homework task:
Write a text describing what you want to have in detail (remember to start with more general and narrow down to detail - explain why you would like to have it and what would be discussed in this forum). You may want to draw or find gifs, jpg and information/vocabulary on the web/dictionary about the topic you want to write about (write down the address of the source used).

c) A building permit is submitted to the Town Hall.

d) Students get together on the layout of the club and decide on how they want it (oral work in class). Several drawings and explanations are presented and the best (according to the students) are e-mailed to France.

First Version by Aldebaran D.

Second Version by Aldebaran D.

Final Version by Benjamin F.

e) Written activity online

The teacher edits slightly the paragraphs removing the main mistakes and stds put them online in the forum.Teacher notes down main mistakes that have appeared and prepares revision exercises to correct them.
Main problems noticed:
- adjectives with plurals
- reporting questions (use of auxiliaries)
- tenses of verbs and incorrect usage of past participles
- there have instead there would be
- I like very much going to the beach

f) Students read the others' remarks in the forums and react to their ideas. See:

The Restaurant

The Park

The Happening Room

The Sports Field

The Music Room

Second Phase (first/second semester 2002)

Students involved:

Students participate in the different forums, usually after a text or unit on the subject in class,inventing stories, posting comments, reacting to other people´s remarks and giving their opinions on various themes like the School of the Future, European Enlargement, The Homeless, Global Warming and Happenings (see comments on Thanksgiving and National Holidays).

Third Phase -(second semester 2002)

Students involved:

32 10thgraders

take part in the Copabacana Restaurant Foodquest, specially designed for the Viva Project and post their comments in the Restaurant forum so as to have reactions from the rest of the participants to be able to make their choice on the kind of restaurant to open there.

Fourth Phase - (first semester 2003)

Phil Benz offers a series of six chats for teachers at the Euro Language Forum at Tapped In during the month of January/February. They are part of the Evonline workshop entitled "Using Viva". I participate in all of them, show how our students have used it and offer suggestions on how to foster communication and response on the forums.

Students to be involved:

75 9th graders
30 10th graders
27 11th graders

First topic to be posted and discussed: Carnival (Happening Forum in the Copabacana district)